Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"You mean to tell me that as good as that thing gets on gas, you ran out"

Hello everyone,

Today has been a good day with some rest and some work that I enjoyed getting done.

I got to sleep about 11 last night after forcing myself to get off the computer. Amy introduced me to "Stumble" and I am addicted to seeing what I will stumble onto next. For those that do not know what it is, like I did not. Stumble is a web browsing bar that you add to your web bar. It has buttons on it to do different things, but the main button is the "Stumble" button. Every time you click it, it takes you to a new site on the web from a list of subjects you set up. It is neat to see what site you will get to. I have found several that I have marked as return to.

I woke up this morning to run Hunter to school due to Amy being sick. She has had a bad weekend with a bad UTI and now a cough with Fever. Anyway, I ran him to school and came back and went back to sleep. I slept till 1:30 p when I woke on my own. I had an alarm set for 2 anyway, but was up and ready by then. Hunter had a eye doctor appointment ASAP after school, so I picked him up and we headed straight there. He is getting contacts this time but they just did the exam today and will fit the contacts next week. We did some errands and got dinner and headed home. I was supposed to work this evening at 7:30p. Hunter had been driving us up till they dilated his eyes. He had already asked me if we needed to get gas and I told him I would on the way to work. Well, you guessed it. I got in a hurry and was just a driving to work when the car shut off. Yup I ran the SMART out of gas. So here I stood on the side of 280 thinking of who I knew locally to get some help from. A Police officer drove by and I guess he saw that I was amazed that he just drove by cause he quickly turned around and came back. But then he got out of his vehicle to say "you mean to tell me that as good as that thing gets on gas, you ran out". But he agreed to take me to get some gas up the road and brought me back. But while I was doing this, I called TCC to tell them that I would be late. That is when I found out that a mistake had been made and I did not work tonight. I was glad to turn around and head home. I will burn some PT for the missed shift.
When i got home, I went and checked on Amy and went to the shed to check on Hunter and his drumming. He had set up the stereo I had gotten from a friend for him to use and was messing around. For those that do not know. His drum set is set up in my shop right where I would set up saws and work benches to work with. I has drove me crazy not having my area. So I asked Hunter if he would help me move some boxes out of the other end of the shed to make him a space for his set out of my way. So we moved the boxes out into a storage trailer and I will move them to a storage area from there. But he now has some more room and I have my area back. I think that I will try and continue to work tomorrow on the shed and maybe get the old shed cleaned out and tore down. Now that would make me happy. We will have to see how the day goes. Just having a full day off will be something awesome.

Well, Now I am doing this blog while waiting on my alive to kick in and get to were I can go to sleep. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow another day.


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Anonymous said...

You didn't have to tell the world I had a UTI. Saying I was sick or running a fever would have been enough.

I guess I must have really been out of it because I didn't know you ran out of gas. Running out of gas is one of my phobias.