Friday, April 24, 2009

Along time since last blog

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I did a blog post, but I feel like I might could use my blog better to talk on a more personal level to those that want to listen. I like Facebook and have been enjoying finding friends . But I was using my blog as my way of talking things out and letting everyone know what was going on in my life. It was a place of freedom that had gotten taken over by a since of intrusion that I imposed on myself due to worrying about saying something that would be interpreted wrong or was personal and would be held against me. Well, I have decided that if you are reading this, you want to listen. So I will go back to writing for me and not others here and let it link back to Facebook so that all can read if they want or not if they don't.

I will not even try to catch up since my last post.

This week has been a week form hell that I imposed on myself. If I try to do a schedule like this again, you guys have my permission to beat my ass. I have not even tried to figure out the ratio of awake time to sleep time. It would be scary, I know that. Maybe later tonight when bored i will work on that formula. I have worked or had obligations more than sleep, I do know that. I am sitting at ATCC tonight, Friday the 24th, after a long day with about 2.5 hours sleep. A friend and fellow Paramedic was buried today with a great service. Then had dinner with Amy and actually had some talk time. But then it was to here for the night shift. Tomorrow brings a 24 hour shift on the ambulance. With it being race week here in Alabama and me working near the track, I figure that we will have busy shift. Who know, maybe it will be a freak day with little to no action.

I look forward to Sunday being a sleep and rest day before another full, but not crammed week.

As far as what going on with me this week, it has been one of those weeks that has stressed me to my end. Work has been hard. Then some problems with Hunter that resulted in advancement of punishment. I know he does not believe me, but I do not enjoy having to strip him of his identity and personal choices. But if that is what the set punishments that were agreed to were and he went past the point of no return, then the punishment stands. For those that do not know Hunter, he is a great kid that prefers the goth / hard rock look. Long hair, black clothing, black finger nails. Well, those things are gone for now till he can earn the freedom to have those things again.

We have had a bad week of experiences at the school with about every aspect that we are involved with. I am truly worried about the school and what is going on there. I do not like the path it is on and do not feel that Hunter is getting the education or experience that he needs. So what to do is the big question for us. I don't know the answer, but will pray and think on it seriously and have to make a decision that i can live with long term. Amy and I will have to work as a team to decide what is best for our family and make sure Hunter is taken care of.

If you are a new visitor to my blog, I want to thank you for following the path that brought you here and ask that you look around at the links that I have included down the right hand side of the post to things that i enjoy. I hope you learn something about me that you did not know and return often to see what is going on with me.


OK, I went back and calculated my hours for this week. I did it from Monday morning at midnight to Sunday night midnight. A full week, which is 168 hours in length.

My week is like this:

At work = 96 hours

Sleeping = 56 hours (13.5 of that was Monday morning till I got up to go to the school before work and then I project 8 hours sleep Sunday)

Doing other activities = 29 hours (mostly at the school or talking to hunter / 6 was for funeral)

Driving = 9.5 hours

I calculate a "normal" work week as follows

At work = 40 hours
Sleeping = 56 hours
Other stuff = 72
Driving will depend on person

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