Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Guys first snow and Hunter's second

Hello everyone,

We had a decent snowfall here in the south on Sunday morning. I was at ATCC when it started and by the time to go home, we had a couple inches on the ground. It snowed hard all the way home and was a pretty site on the farm when I pulled in. The little car did good in the snow. I got home and was so tired from my 4 night straight at ATCC that I went to bed and did not awaken till 7:30 that night and it was mostly gone. Hunter got out and walked around in the woods to look around. I have to remind myself that this is only Hunter's 2nd
snow event of his life. He seems to enjoy them. I put a few pictures on the Picasa link under weather pictures if you care to see. Here is one of my favorites I took.Anyway, this week has not started off well for me. We had a awful shift on the ambulance Monday with little to no sleep. The had to be in a paperwork class during the day Tuesday. Got back to home with just enough time to shower and get to the school for a meeting with a teacher and the principal. I don't feel like it went far enough, but did get some feelings out in the open. I did learn that for all the work done, it really does not matter. I kinda bummed out about it. Then we had Band Boosters, I guess it went OK but it made me look like a fool to have talked about how unhappy other parents were just an hour before and then none of them to even say a word about being unhappy also. I do not know what I want to do, but I sure am going to cut back my efforts except for what Hunter needs. Like I said, I am bummed out today from lack of sleep due to laying up all night thinking about the situation.

Maybe the rest of the week will shape up and be OK. I work today at ATCC and then tomorrow on the ambulance. I hope to get to go fishing Friday with Kelly and Charlie. It would be good to do something that does not require thinking hard for a few hours.

For those of you who knew I was going to the cardiologist, I got good news so far that he does not think there is a problem with my heart but rather a pinched nerve in my neck causing my unique pain when I sneeze. I go for a few test to make sure during the month and will let you know. I also go to the endocrinologist next week for the first time to see about helping regulate the hormone imbalance we found during my physical. Get this, they think that them being out of wake is why I am grouchy. I keep telling them that I am grouchy cause I am tired and work to much, but they say that I will feel a lot better when they get me fixed. We'll see!!

I hope all of you have a good week and I will talk to you later.


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