Sunday, March 15, 2009

A giger counter could have found me.

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a full week of all sorts of adventures for me. It started with another busy shift at RPS in St Clair County. Let me tell you, that is a busy county on an ambulance. I got off Monday and ran home to get cleaned up to head to UAB for a Dr appointment. It was my first Endocrinologist appointment. I liked him. HE took me off the hormones and is going to start over with my evaluation. He thinks that I am sleep deprived and not having hormone problems. IMAGINE THAT, SLEEP DEPRIVED. Anyway, I got to do all the hormone testing again. Then Tuesday, I got up at 4 and headed to work for a day shift. When I got there, I found that the schedule had changed and I was scheduled for a night shift. So back home I went and boy did I sleep the day away. Then back to TCC for the night. It was a slow night and I enjoyed working by myself.
Wednesday morning brought on the fun. I got off at 7:30 a and headed to wal-mart to get some shorts and some walking shoes. You see, I had to have a stress test and Amy did not think it a good idea for me to wear my work boots to do the test in. I did not own a pair of non work shoes or boots. Well, I got to the hospital at about 10 am and checked in for the test that all three doctors had scheduled. I knew I was in for along day when the clerk had to register me twice cause all the test would not fit on one registration. So the fun began. Back to have 3 tubes of blood drawn. Then to another room to be stuck again for an IV. When the guy broke out the metal tube and unscrewed the top is when I got worried. He injected some sort of nuclear dye into me and immediately put me in a big machine that started taking x-rays of my heart. So Ive been shot up with radiation and now am being submitted to more radiation to see the first. Then into the stress test room where a nurse friend (Leslie) was awaiting me. She is rather good looking and I have thought so for years. So I really did not want to pull my shirt up and expose my overweight body to her, but oh well. Then she has to shave my chest. Yes, shaved it. Then put all the wires on me and put me on the tread mill. I did good with no problems. Then during the last minute of that, they shot me with more nuclear crap and then back to the machine to get more radiation. I felt like I was glowing by this time (and I don't mean with embarrassment). After that, another lady was awaiting me to take about 30 minutes of regular X-rays of everything from my chest up. And the I was taken to the MRI room. I was told that I would be in it about an hour and a half for more radiation. Now I am not a small guy, so I would have liked to see what it looked like for me to be squeezed into this tube. I know It was tight from where I was laying. The only problem is that I fell asleep and they had to redo one of the test because I jumped when I awoke in the machine. The lady ended up singing to me to keep me awake in there. During the MRI is where I was glad I had followed Amy's advice and gotten some shoes. I would have been stuck to the machine with my steel toed boots, and that would have been funny to see. A fat guy in a tube with his feet planted to the outside of the machine. Imagine that if you dare. So by 2:30 that afternoon, I figure that they could have tracked me with a Geiger counter.

Hunter, Charlie and I did some shooting on the firing range late that afternoon getting ready for Turkey season . Hunter had wanted to shoot for weeks. Its a shame that we have a firing range in the back yard and it takes weeks for us to get out there and use it. That Hunter is a natural shot like I was at a younger age. He was dead on with his shotgun and then fired a box of 270 rounds at 100 yards with about a 90% hit rate. I could not hit the broad side of the barn, but I blame it on the radiation poisoning from the day.

I actually slept in on Thursday then got out and just messed around for the afternoon. I got the weather center installed in the Tv studio at the school for Hunter. I helped dad clean some limbs up at the Sycamore parsonage and had dinner with the family before relaxing and watching TV. A rare day for me.

Friday was back to TCC and then Saturday a busy RPS day. And now to today. It is Sunday and I am here at TCC for a 10:30 am - 10:30 pm shift. I am on for the next 3 night shift from here. So the first part of the week is busy.

I hope to get a day of Turkey hunting in toward the end of the week and Hunter and I are going to Gadsden Music to goof off an do some pricing of a mixer board and microphones for the TV studio. Who knows what else we will get into. The back to TCC on Saturday night.

I will get back to you sometime next week or follow me on facebook daily.



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