Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello everyone,

I went and got my tag for the SMART today. I went last week and the lady told me that new tags were coming today, so I waited. It looks good on my blue car.

I am on a 3 night straight at ATCC then a day off and 3 straight days at ATCC. Not much to tell you about. Hunter left on his hiking trip today threw Monday. Amy rode in with me and has gone to do some shopping that she wanted to do and just generally have time to walk around an look at what she wants to. She likes doing that by herself when she can. We stopped and had a great meal at Bella's on the way in and she is going to hang till I get off and we care going to get the Honda and head home in the morning. She is out in the LiL Guy right now. I knwo she will enjoy it once she relaxes about driving it. Se loved her Focus cause it was small and easy to park. So she will be in heaven with my car.
I will talk to everyone later,


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