Friday, January 23, 2009

Alabma Smarties and the Mad Drummer

Hello to everyone,

I am at ATCC tonight after working the Ambulance last night. Tomorrow brings the 2nd BAMA SMARTIES club meeting. We are meeting then having a cruise around town and then going to eat. It should be a great time. I will let you know.

Let me tell you, my son is a "Mad Drummer". The reason I say that is demonstrated in the picture below.
As you can tell, he gathered every drum he could get a hold of to make his set "BIG". I think he is off his rocker brain. But he enjoys it. I just wish he would be serious and play some good stuff instead of just playing around. I guess he is just having fun.

Well I will let you know when you can come listen to a concert from him. Until then, I will keep letting you know how he progresses.

Talk to you later.


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