Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smart Center Birmingham is open

Hello to everyone,
I sit here at TCC like normal. It has been a very busy night here, so my blog will not be as long as last time (I know you all are relived).
I worked last night also, so I went to the Rogers for sleep today. When I got up, I went by the Smart center in Hoover and looked at the little guys. I did meet the sales staff and talked to several people. I just wish my car was there. I will hopefully get some info this week on where it is in the process. I will let you know. I got to stop by on Wednesday, but did not have a lot of time to really look like I did today.
Not much has happened over the past several days except for sleep and work. I did get the Chain saw and it looks to be a good one. Have to cut something up to test it soon. I ended up not working the ambulance this week due to a stomach illness, but I seem to have recovered OK. I will admit, the rest was good on that day off.
This week is just as full as last. I will keep you up to date a couple times during the week.
Sorry, no deep thoughts today, to tired to think that hard. I have felt better the last several days and look forward to a good week.
Till then,

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