Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Three days straight

Hello to everyone,

I sit here at TCC for the second of three nights in a row. WHAT WAS I THINKING. It has not been bad the first to nights, But I have to sit in the lead chair tomorrow night , so a little more pressure and duties. Any way, I will be glad when Wednesday morning comes around and head home.

I have not done real well blogging as of late, but I promise that there has not been much to tell you about. I guess the only exciting thing recently was that Smart moved my delivery date up 90 days and say that i will get my car sometime between August and October. I know it is still a big unknown, but better than December threw February like it was a week ago. The Birmingham Dealership should be open sometime around the 1st part of August. I will keep you informed, as as normal, will gladly accept any offers to pay the payments that come with it.

Today is Patsy's Birthday, so if you know and see her. Wish her a Happy Birthday!

Amy and I have been chatting most of tonight on the Yahoo web cam. She just went to go to sleep, so I am doing this post and then going to wait for 6:30 to come around and go get a nap.

See Ya, Jeff

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